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Our Team

Bill Ganz
Bill has had a 27 year career in Video and Media Production, Social Media, Social Networking, Promotional Events, Product launches, Event Management, Interactive Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategy, and Search Engine Marketing. He has many awards for his unique style in the architecture and deployment of high quality Social Strategy, Media Architecture, Conversational Marketing and websites for his clients. Some of his clients include: Epson, Pentax, Kenwood, Bosch, Fender, Disney, Clear Channel, Nicorette, Thermador, Anthony Robbins, Lockheed-Martin, BSH Home Appliances, Bosch, Gaggenau, Siemens, Nissan, Sony, Vivendi Universal, Etnies, Sony Playstation, Lincoln, Cadillac, Haier, Harrah's, Panasonic, 3LCD, ITLA Capital, and Imperial Bank.

Robert Kuntz
Robert Kuntz has been in marketing and software development since the mid 1990s. He's built and help build many large organization and community based software platforms. Over the last several years, his focus has been on creating social media applications and technologies. Robert is the technical person behind the team and is currently developing the social media applications for both clients and consumers for the team.